Team Blitz Pub Crawl for WalkMS on 3/16

What makes this benefit pub crawl different from the rest? Everything. The 4th annual
Team Blitz pub crawl takes over Belltown with copious amounts of alcohol and NFL memorabilia from the Seahawks and other teams from around the league. Most of thecrawlers are also a part of Team Blitz, which is the largest team for WalkMS in Seattle. All of the profit goes towards the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. You can get your ticket in advance for $35, along with all the other information at


The past three years have all been a blackout good time, even for those who aren’t drinking. Here are the need to knows:

WHAT: 4th Annual Team Blitz Pub Crawl
WHEN: March 16th, 2:30-7pm
WHERE: Belltown, starting at Buckley’s
WHY: To benefit WalkMS and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.


Huge Snow Fight for the Boys & Girls Club on 1/12

This is awesome…an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for largest snowball


fight and a benefit for the King County Boys and Girls Club. On Saturday the 12th, Seattle Center will be filled with 162,000 lbs of snow to assumingly build forts and throw at each other.  The current record holder is bullshit (check the video). It’s only $25 to participate, and there’s a pub crawl in Lower Queen Anne after. If you get a team together you can get there early and build a fort to house fighter penguins (ensure victory) for $1000.  All the info is at their website at or their twitter @snowday. I’m really looking forward to this and out of the 1000 events that come through town, this one looks to be absolutely tops.

The Essentials:
What: Seattle Snow Day
Cost: $25
Where: Seattle Center
Noon: Registration begins
1:00pm: Snow Fort and Snow Castle competition begins
4:30pm: Snow Fort and Snow Castle winners announced
5:00pm: World’s largest snowball fight
6:00pm: Pub crawl and war stories

Support the Kickstarter for Season 2!

This is the only billboard space we could afford for our Season 2 Kickstarter. Every $50 pledge gets a ticket to the live premiere of the new videos, and there’s even potential to walk away with a pony ride. Check out our story on the fundraising page and help spread the word. Usually this is only for community events, but we need your support to keep the show and all that surrounds it going.

Here’s the link –>

Below are all the rewards for pledging different amounts….


    Donate for a digital copy of our song “Welcome to Seattle.”


    A personal video thank you from Tim and me!


    Ticket to the live premiere show!


    TWO tickets to the live premiere show. The math we’re doin here is insane!


    You or anyone of your choice will be in a sketch!

  • PLEDGE $1,000 OR MORE

    I’ll take you out for a night of heavy drinking at my favorite bars, then give you a hug and cab fare to get home.

  • PLEDGE $2,500 OR MORE

    We’ll take you and a guest for dinner and drinks on us to a nice, sit down place.

  • PLEDGE $5,000 OR MORE

    You will get a Producer credit on IMDB and I’ll take you to a Seahawks game, beers included — WHAT!

  • PLEDGE $10,000 OR MORE

    Any one item from my apartment, a pony ride, and a freestyle rap on the phone whenever you call in 2013.

Beats for Boobs on 9/13 at the Croc

Generally speaking, I am always listening to music and looking at/for boobs. Beats for Boobs is an all-volunteer organization that grants financial support to local breast cancer non-profits that provide direct services to people battling breast cancer and survivors, promote prevention or offer breast health education. On October 13th, the take over the Croc for a night of art, fashion, food and music [and boobs]. These guys have been around for 9 years and throw events in Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.  The $25 ticket gets you all of the aforementioned goodies.

And if you’re like me (easily confused), the answer is yes — the event and the organization have the same name.  Leave me alone.  For all the lack of info I provided, you can check out their page here.

Tickets are $25 and can be sniped at Eventbrite, and you can check their Facebook for more breastsesses. I’m going to go make boob jokes on my calculator now…

Agency Party at McCaw Hall, Sat 7/14

I don’t usually party but when I do, it’s for a good cause. That’s actually not true, I party for no good reason all the time. First and foremost, this is a semi-formal party for people in their 20s and 30s. We NEVER dress up in Seattle so I’m pumped to dust off my Cole Haans. Tickets are $60 after Ticketasshole fees, but chill out — this is what you get.

1) Hella karma
2) Two drinks
3) appetizers
4) free champagne (if you do a quick focus group, which hell yeah I will)
5) Melinda Gates
6) dance party
7) memories that last a f*cking lifetime

Let’s be serious, you’re spending that on a night out if you buy like two drinks anywhere in Seattle. So this Saturday, Agency (formerly Party with a Purpose) chose the beneficiary to be Mobile Moms — a program that funds text messages for pregnant women in Timor Leste to ensure they have a healthy pregnancy. I didn’t know this, but apparently a lot of women die during and after pregnancy because they don’t know simple stuff like where to deliver their baby. Oh and Timor Leste isn’t a place I made up, it’s a country off the coast of Australia and it has one of the highest mortality rates for mamas having babies.

POINT BEING: Come dress up and get drunk and dance and do it in the name of saving lives. You didn’t hear this from me, but if you’re a dude — this party sold out last year and it was about 70% women. Speaking of women, here are a bunch of hot ladies I filmed at a retirement home doing their rendition of Call Me Maybe…

Event: Agency, formerly Party with a Purpose
Date: Saturday, July 14
Time: 9 pm – 1 am, program promptly begins at 9pm. Public event for Groundswell starts at 7pm, doors open at 6pm.
Location: McCaw Hall
Tickets: $47 includes two drinks, appetizers, appearances by Melinda Gates and the Seattle Sounders FC. All tickets sales directly support HAI and Mobile Moms.

Buy Tickets @

Come Together! (for the next video)

I want you in our next music video, “Rain City,” and right now I’m going to tell you how. Will this work? Welp, only one way to find out. Here’s what we’ll need to do to make it happen… below is a list things that you get to pick from. you can do one, or all of them. each should be around 5 seconds so that if you do all of them, the video is around 40 seconds.

  • head bobbing, very serious… looking left, then straight, then right.
  • your signature dance
  • something or some place very seattle
  • doing something athletic (like running, flexing, or …juggling balls?)
  • pho, cream cheese hot dog, thai food, copper river salmon, or dicks fries
  • standing still either wearing something super seattle (could be flannel, could be a bike)
  • throwing CDs, game cases, or computer program boxes
  • whatever you want (could be parkour, your dog, a handstand, you saying something, skittles, etc).

Get crazy with it.  These are all open to interpretation (except dick’s fries, do not reinterpret that).  Once you’ve made your video, upload it to youtube and either post the link on the fan page, or send me an email with the subject “OH SNAP”.  By sending me the video you agree that I can rip your video, make a video out of it, and use that video for my own personal gain… cool?  Cool.  You will have until Tuesday night to upload something, so take some time over the weekend and make it happen baby!

Rick Ross says:

WalkMS at Hec Ed Pavilion on Sunday

I hate two things: Kim Kadashian and Multiple Sclerosis. They have a lot in common, but the fight against MS is one that anyone can be a part of. MS and Ms. Kadashian are both degenerative, neurological diseases with no known cause and no known cure, WalkMS is an annual fundraiser for the National MS Society taking place at the Hec Ed Pavilion (it’s usually at Husky Stadium, but has been moved because you know… there’s currently a Tonka truck rave happening on the field).  WalkMS is on April 15th at 9am and goes from the basketball arena to Gas Works Park via the Burt Gilman Trail.  There’s live music, Oberto sausages for days, and epic amounts of good karma.

It seems like everyone in the NW is connected to someone with the disease, and you could probably think of one if not more without even trying. The are a couple simple options to participate:

1) Join a team.  I’m on Team Blitz, and we’ve been the largest [and most awesome] team for the past two years.  Just go to to get in on it.
2) DONATE! The NMSS society has an extremely high percentage of funds that go directly to the people in need.  This includes scholarships for teenagers continue their education and baseball bats for adults to beat the TV when any Kardashian related show pops up. Donate to Team Blitz!
3) Do nothing.  That’s cool too.  I won’t be mad, just disappointed.

Here’s a video from Team Blitz at WalkMS last year, when we had a bonanza of NFL mascots turn the stadium upside down…