WalkMS at Hec Ed Pavilion on Sunday

I hate two things: Kim Kadashian and Multiple Sclerosis. They have a lot in common, but the fight against MS is one that anyone can be a part of. MS and Ms. Kadashian are both degenerative, neurological diseases with no known cause and no known cure, WalkMS is an annual fundraiser for the National MS Society taking place at the Hec Ed Pavilion (it’s usually at Husky Stadium, but has been moved because you know… there’s currently a Tonka truck rave happening on the field).  WalkMS is on April 15th at 9am and goes from the basketball arena to Gas Works Park via the Burt Gilman Trail.  There’s live music, Oberto sausages for days, and epic amounts of good karma.

It seems like everyone in the NW is connected to someone with the disease, and you could probably think of one if not more without even trying. The are a couple simple options to participate:

1) Join a team.  I’m on Team Blitz, and we’ve been the largest [and most awesome] team for the past two years.  Just go to www.BlitzTacklesMS.com to get in on it.
2) DONATE! The NMSS society has an extremely high percentage of funds that go directly to the people in need.  This includes scholarships for teenagers continue their education and baseball bats for adults to beat the TV when any Kardashian related show pops up. Donate to Team Blitz!
3) Do nothing.  That’s cool too.  I won’t be mad, just disappointed.

Here’s a video from Team Blitz at WalkMS last year, when we had a bonanza of NFL mascots turn the stadium upside down…


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