Gigs4Good #11 at Hard Rock for benefiting Seattle Works

If you don’t like music, you’re not human. You’re probably not dancer either. Gigs4Good is a series of concerts featuring local musicians where the profits go toward a different non-profit each time, and this time it’s to benefit Seattle Works. Specifically it’s benefiting Seattle Works Day, which is one day that all the different Seattle Works teams (which prior to have done smaller projects in teams) get together to do different projects around the city. At the end of the morning, all the teams congregate and drink beer. I would know, because we played flip cup. Illegal? Possibly. O’DOYLE RULES! 
This concert features Ivan & Aloysha, a duo that plays feel good folky American acoustic vibin music (and, yes that is a genre), as well as Yuni in Taxco…who I’ve never heard before.  Whoops!

All the info is on their website and here are the rest of the deets:

FOR WHO: Seattle Works
WHEN: Thursday, April 12, 2012 — Doors at 7pm, Music at 8pm

WHERE: Hard Rock Cafe, 116 Pike St., Street, WA, 98101

TICKETS: $ 20 Advance (21+)

You can also visit the mother ship’s website at


One thought on “Gigs4Good #11 at Hard Rock for benefiting Seattle Works

  1. Awesome stuff! Seattle Works is a great community catalyst. Hey, would love to connect with you about a similar benefit concert series.

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